• 恳求圣父降临(Come Thou Almighty King)

    荣耀的王是谁呢?万军之耶和华,他是荣耀的王!(诗篇24:10) VERSE 1  Come, thou Almighty King, help us thy name to sing, help us to praise. Father, all glorious, o’er all victorious, come and reign over us, Ancient of Days. 恳求圣父来临,助我们赞美主名,敬献心声。 惟主无上尊荣,惟主完全得胜,求主统治我们,万古之神。 VERSE 2 Come, thou Incarnate Word, gird on thy mighty sword, Our prayer attend. Come and Thy people bless, And give Thy words success; Spirit of holiness, on us descend. 恳求圣子来临,扬起你大能宝剑,我们祷告: 求你降临施恩,使你话语成全,愿你圣洁的灵,降于我们。 VERSE 3 Come, Holy Comforter, thy sacred witness bear in this glad hour. Thou who almighty art, now rule in ev’ry heart, and ne’er from us depart, Spirit of power. 恳求圣灵来临,彰显出神圣见证,我众欢欣。 惟主全能至尊,恳求统治众心,永不离开我们,大能圣灵。 VERSE 4 To the great One in Three, eternal praises be, hence evermore. His sov’reign majesty, may we in glory see, and to eternity love and adore. 圣父,圣子,圣灵,当受万民诵敬,世世无尽! 愿我们同看见,祂的主权威严,爱祂并敬拜祂,万世不息。 CHORUS All glory be to the Father, All glory be to the Son. All glory be to the Spirit, The blessed three in One. 愿荣耀都归于圣父,愿荣耀归于圣子, 愿荣耀都归于圣灵,赐福的三一神。 原词:佚名;原曲:Felice De Giardini; 副歌歌词与重新编曲:Tommy Bailey, Sarah Gehri, Nathan Mickle, and Tom Yarbrough Copyright © 2020 Getty Music Publishing 中文译词由“声合为一”修自多本圣诗本。 资料来源: Hymnology Archive

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  • 你日子如何,力量也如何——《受苦圣徒到基督面前》默想
    By 杨文皓 这首诗歌是围绕申命记33章25节,你的日子如何,你的力量也必如何,而写的。每一段歌词的最后一句的英文原词,都是“你日子如何,力量也如何”的意思。我们常常用这一节经文祷告,我们也常常用这一节经文祝福其他肢体。那么我们如何理解这一节经文?——主对我说:“我的恩典够你用的,因为我的能力是在人的软弱上显得完全。”所以,我更喜欢夸自己的软弱,好叫基督的能力覆庇我。(哥林多后书12章9节)你日子所需用的力量,上帝都已经知道,上帝也必赐你每一日所需用的力量,帮助你度过每一个在世上的日子。 当你争战的时候,上帝知道;当你遭遇患难的时候,上帝知道;当你经历逼迫的时候,上帝也知道; 那天上的飞鸟,也不种,也不收,也不积蓄在仓里,你们的天父尚且养活它。你们不比飞鸟贵重得多吗?(马太福音6章)上帝知道我们一切所需,并补足我们一切缺欠的力量。——这就是“我们日子如何,力量也必如何”的含义,好使我们单单仰望神,而不是凭己意争战;也好使我们单单仰望神,而不是迷失在患难中,或是迷失在逼迫的风暴中。 最近一波又一波的事件,容易使人慌了手脚。盼望我们在风暴中彼此提醒和勉励,而不是被铺天盖地的信息搅得人心惶惶,手足无措。盼望我们单单定睛那赐我们力量的上帝,祂是唯一我们可信靠的源头,一切供应的源头。“你日子如何,力量也必如何。”上帝知道祂儿女的需要,祂也保守他们到底,为他们争战,并且已经得胜! 这首诗歌是狄马可(Mark Dever)牧师的妻子,根据同名的古老圣诗于2017年重新编修和谱曲的。她正在经历重大的疾病,在患难中她完成了此曲。为她祷告!也愿这首诗歌成为每一位正在经历艰难逼迫的弟兄姐妹的安慰!你的日子如何,你的力量也必如何。 2018年4月9日 诗歌页面(Lyrics) AFFLICTED SAINT, TO CHRIST DRAW NEAR(受苦圣徒到基督面前)
  • The story of “He Will Hold Me Fast ”(“主必保守我”的故事)
    作者(Author)/Keith and Kristyn Getty From the first time we heard this song written by Matt Merker, we felt it was a unique jewel that would be a comfort and encouragement to God’s people as we live out faith in these difficult times, whether in suffering, persecution or death. It reminded us of the Spirituals and also of the hymn, “We Rest on Thee” (which inspired the missionary Jim Elliot and the title of his biography, “Through Gates of Splendor”). Interestingly, the Finish melody, “Finlandia,” is also the melodic basis of the hymn, “Be Still My Soul,” that was the favorite hymn of Eric Liddell, famous Olympic gold medalist who retired early from Sport to return to China, home of his birth, and serve as a missionary. From Matt Merker:A member of our church had sent the original words to “He Will Hold Me Fast” to me and our senior pastor, suggesting that this could be a good song for us to learn as a church. I forgot about the song for a while, but later pulled it out again when I was walking through a difficult personal season of doubt and uncertainty. I was wrestling with the hard questions of the faith and struggling to place my trust in the enduring power of God’s preserving grace. John Piper’s sermon from T4G 2012 on Jude vv. 20-25 was a lifeline for me, and Jude 24 became an anchor for my soul in that trying time: “Now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and present you blameless before the presence of his glory with great joy…” It was at this time that I was beginning to try my hand at writing new tunes for old texts, mainly as a personal devotional exercise to help aid my own soul in seeking Christ. I pulled out “He Will Hold Me Fast” again and the words ministered to me deeply. I wanted to see the resurrection and return of Christ featured in the lyrics, since our hope is guaranteed by the reality that Christ has risen and is coming again. I first shared the song with my wife and then with our pastor, and he suggested we should try singing i…